Thursday, 9 September 2010

Barcelona In October.

If you are looking for a quick getaway this autumn  - then the wonderful city of Barcelona can be the perfect destination:
The Weather:
 It is ideal for people who like sunshine but not intense heat. You will generally get sunshine with the occasional cloudy or rainy day - but perfect to enjoy what the fantastic city has to offer. 
The Attractions:
 If the weather isn't as nice as you would hope, you can always visit one of Barcelona's many museums covering many differing interests. Numerous other things such as zoos, tours, aquariums and amusement parks can keep people entertained.
If you are looking to go out and enjoy the nightlife, Barcelona's nightlife is vibrant all year round with many places available to eat, drink and dance - of course this is dependant on your mood!

Barcelona apartment rentals
are available throughout the year - You can choose between B&B, guesthouses and apartments to suit your requirements. An autumn break doesn't have to be expensive!

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